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Cody L. Oaks, MA, LPCC

Clinical Director/Teaching Clinician

Cody believes courageous inward exploration is essential for psychological well-being and the actualization of human growth & flourishing. In therapy, he works from an approach which is deeply informed by the principles of Buddhism & mindfulness, along with the insights & framework of intersubjective psychoanalytic & existential psychotherapies. This integrative approach guides the journey towards increased wholeness, radical self-acceptance, and vitality. In sessions, Cody favors a highly-collaborative, soulfully-engaged relational stance with the aim to co-create an authentically healing encounter as the primary therapeutic element. Cody has clinical expertise in dealing with anxiety, depression, spiritual/meaning crises, adjustment-to-change issues, personality disorders (narcissism, codependency), mood disorders (depression, bi-polar), grief, relationship (couples/partner) difficulties and substance abuse. Cody also works with individuals who wish to deepen in self-knowledge and personal authenticity.  In addition to private practice, Cody has clinical experience in residential treatment facilities, patient in-home settings, and in adult-rehabilitative mental health support. Cody is also an Approved Clinical Supervisor by the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health & Therapy and is passionate about training student clinicians into understanding depth approaches to the practice of psychotherapy and the theory of psychology. 


Cody has published articles in The Journal of Humanistic Psychology and the Princeton Theological Review, has presented at The International Network for Personal Meaning (Vancouver, BC), the International Kierkegaard Conference (St. Olaf University), the American Academy of Religion, has given several training presentations on existential psychology & topics in psychoanalysis, and has taught graduate level coursework on the writings of  Søren Kierkegaard (University of Copenhagen). As a humanistically-oriented psychotherapist, Cody has a passion for a deep examination of how racism particularly affects human psychology/psychopathology and how it might be treated therapeutically. Prior to clinical work in psychotherapy, Cody completed graduate work in  philosophy & world religions  (Princeton, Luther),  providing him with an unique ability and background to address spiritual, philosophical, and existential concerns in a clinical setting marked by a stance of curiosity and openness. In his free time, Cody enjoys a myriad of outdoor activities, listening to vinyl records (mostly from the 1980's), and various meditative practices. 


Khamphian Vang, MA


Khamphian is excited to be a part of the clinical team at Northeast Psychotherapy. Khamphian comes to the mental health field with a desire to serve her community and help them to connect to their authentic selves and ignite their healing journey. She is passionate about social justice and equity in mental health and strives to provide counseling services that address cultural and contextual factors in diverse communities to ensure all members are psychologically and physically safe and secure. She believes in a holistic and integrative therapy approach that incorporates the mind, body, spirit, and community. In counseling, Khamphian takes a collaborative approach informed by psychodynamic, humanistic-existential, and mindfulness modalities challenging clients to examine the self, increase awareness, and create a deeper understanding to make changes in their lives. She aims to provide a safe space for individuals to share their experiences, work through emotional distress, build the skills to manage stress, and empower them to reach their full potential. Khamphian completed her MA in Counseling and Psychological Services at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. For more information on scheduling with Khamphian, please click here: 

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